1 Day


Director: Penny Woolcock
Writer: Penny Woolcock 
Producers: Penny Woolcock
Starring: Dylan Duffus/Duncan Tobias/Yohance Watson/Ohran Whyte
Year: 2009
Country: UK
BBFC Certification:
Duration: 102 minutes

I decided to watch a movie called 1Day which has caused controversy among cinemas in Birmingham thus not showing the movie in Birmingham but everywhere else. I agree with the cinemas when they said they wouldn’t show the movie. The story is based around the gangs in Birmingham and is about a guy called Flash and his best friend/drug dealer tells him that if he doesn’t get one hundred bags of ‘scrilla’ in two hours then he would ‘lick him up, you get me blud?’…that’s basically the story. One man trying to get his best mate’s ‘scrilla’ (money?) otherwise he’d ‘lick him up’ (hurt him/die?). I thought this would be a lot like the brilliant Kidulthood and Adulthood but in Birmingham. However, it’s something negative and nasty in my eyes. Instead of trying to send a strong message about how young teenagers shouldn’t join a gang, the movie did the exact opposite from my view. It looked like it was positive to join a gang as the thugs in the movie felt no guilt or remorse about their actions (bar one scene with Flash and his mother but he went right back to not feeling anything…again). The movie apparently sends a strong message about gangs but the only message I could see is that it’s okay to be in one. I know they were trying to send a message that gang life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but would the audience really see that in this movie? I would like to hear a comment from the filmmakers about what kind of message is being sent and where is it being shown? Flash was teaching a ten-year-old to rob, to shoot a gun, to sell drugs and make money, etc and Flash looked like he weren’t bothered. There were some very small messages that started out good and then went back to being negative (like in the graveyard when they were visiting El Presidente’s grave and then a gunfight started) but I doubt most people who will see this movie will actually see the messages as they didn’t appear strong enough.

Also, there was one particular scene that stuck out like a sore thumb in my head which was the part when they were in a fast food restaurant and one of the thugs raps about how, because he was black, a woman thinks he’d rob her because she clutches her handbag. Could the reason quite possibly be because you were loudly talking about drugs and murder and the fact that you had a gun on show with your hood up? Nah, it couldn’t be, could it.The only thing good about the movie is the soundtrack. The songs in the movie kept the mood and the behaviour portrayed in the movie which is a positive thing. The acting is surprisingly good sometimes but other times it was just rubbish. The characters were instantly dislikeable and remained like that through the entire movie, there was no likeable person in the movie whatsoever and none of the characters looked like they wanted out of their thuggish lives. The movie is badly written even though I can believe that this happens in real life.  To watch this movie, you would need to understand street slang to fully understand what is being said in the movie.

Honestly, my opinion of this movie is very negative. I don’t believe it’s showing a strong message about gangs and how it’s not good to be in one. The messages are there but they’re very weak. I can’t see anyone liking this movie but two audiences and those are either chavs or the audience that are like the characters displayed in the movie and considering the certificate for this movie is only a 15, I expect the cinemas will have trouble on their hands. Terrible!



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