Blood: The Last Vampire

blood-the-last-vampire-poster Director: Chris Nahon
Writer: Chris Chow 
Producer: Ronny Yu 
Starring: Gianna Jun/Allison Miller/Masiela Lusha/JJ Feild/Koyuki/Liam Cunningham
Year: 2009
Country: France/Hong Kong/UK
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 91 minutes

A demon-hunting vampire named Saya works for a government agency set up to hunt and kill demons in Post-WWII Japan. When she is sent undercover in an American Military Base in Tokyo, she thinks that this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally get revenge on Onigen, the evil leader of all vampires who killed her father. As she begins to destroy armies of vampires, she meets a girl named Sharon who is the daughter of the Base’s General. Only then does Saya realise she has another power over Onigen and that is to connect with humans. I watched this, thinking that it’s going to be a very mediocre movie. I mean, I judged the trailer as the ‘best bits’ of the movie and I was right. This movie is nowhere near great at all. I can’t really compare it to the series as I’ve never seen it but apparently, the series is better. This review is from the point of view of a person who has never really heard of Blood until I saw the movie trailer.

The movie, in my opinion, felt like there was no story in it and felt like things were just happening. I thought that the acting in this was very wooden, it just wasn’t great at all. The only actress I would say that played their character well was the actress who played Saya. I thought that she was quite good at times but then on other times, she looked like she was being forced to play this role. I thought the actress who played Onigen wasn’t good at all, it was below mediocre and the actress who played Sharon was…not bad but not good either.The special effects was quite bad. There were some good points where it was great but in other parts of the movie, it looked entirely fake. The demons looked unreal but the action scenes were very well done, it’s just a shame that the special effects weren’t the same.

If you are going to watch this movie, I must warn you that this isn’t a movie to take seriously. Basically something to do when you have time to waste and you don’t want to think for an hour and a half.



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