Director: Larry Charles 
Writers: Sacha Baron Cohen/Peter Baynham/Anthony Hines/Dan Mazer 
Producers: Sacha Baron Cohen/Jay Roach/Dan Mazer/Jonah Hill
Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen/Gustaf Hammarsten/Clifford Banagale/Harrison Ford/Ron Paul
Year: 2009
Country: US
BBFC Certification:
Duration: 81 minutes

Couldn’t wait to see this as the trailer looked hilarious and the trailer lived up to the movie. Sacha Baron Cohen brings yet another one of his alter-egos to the big screen. This time, he is the flamboyant supermodel wannabe, Brüno. After Brüno is kicked from being the presenter of a fashion television show, no-one will let him into all the latest fashion shows or clubs and the only way he can was if he was famous again. Hungry for fame, cameras follow Brüno as he joyfully interacts with the Americans, pressing every outrageously homophobic, racist, controversal and annoying button as he goes.  I don’t know where to start if I was honest. This was just outrageous stuff. From the Paula Abdul interview to the chatshow scene, Brüno doesn’t fail in the shock department or the laughter department at that. Sacha Baron Cohen has done it again with this funny comedy, it makes you wonder how he thinks of this stuff. He made Ali G Indahouse, he made Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan and now, he’s done Brüno.

The stunts and pranks were outrageously hilarious (especially when he confronts ‘the most hated family in America’, that had me in stitches) but one could say that a couple of them went a little too far. Even though this comedy will make you laugh until you cry, Borat was definitely better. Still worth a watch.



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