James Cameron’s Avatar

Director: James Cameron 
Writer: James Cameron
Producers: James Cameron/Jon Landau
Starring: Sam Worthington/Zoe Saldana/Stephen Lang/Michelle Rodriguez/Sigourney Weaver 
Year: 2009
Country: US
BBFC Certification:
Duration: 162 minutes

I decided to check out the movie that has not only made an impression in the movie world but in the whole world and that movie is James Cameron’s Avatar. The story is about a paraplegic ex-marine called Jake Sully, who is offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel to a planet called Pandora to carry on his dead brother’s work. Humans travels to Pandora through Avatars which is a physical body made by the scientists which consists of DNA of both humans and the Na’Vi and enables Jake to go to Pandora whilst never leaving their Military Camp. Avatars are able to inhale toxic air on Pandora, communicate and move like the Natives and give and receive information to humans.  Whilst there, he befriends one of the Na’Vi people called Neytiri who teaches him, the human, their ways and beliefs and how they live and survive. This movie has seriously made an impact on me and I never expected it to. The first thing I noticed, the first thing I think anybody who has watched this movie noticed, was how realistic the CGI was. The first time I saw an Avatar in the tank, I couldn’t believe how real it looked. It was just simply amazing. But when he travelled to Pandora in the Avatar, the scenery was something out of this world, it was like something I’ve never seen before. Totally outstanding and brilliant and beautiful and colourful, it’s worth to see it just for that. The Na’Vi looked so realistic that you’d forget they weren’t.

The characters in the movie were quite simply brilliant. Granted that they somewhat reminded you of characters in past movies but there wasn’t a character I hated and the emotion was there all the way through the movie so it worked like a charm. You actually cared about the characters you were supposed to care about and you hated the characters you were supposed to hate. I couldn’t find a fault with the acting, the cast were chosen correctly. The story is brilliant though it has been done before through other movies but this worked phenomenally.

James Cameron gives out such a powerful message from the movie. We, as the human race, are so obsessed with money and power and unimportant materialistic things that we truly forget some of the important things to live by such as love, pride and faith which he portrayed through the Na’Vi and I think that’s a beautiful message and I hope many people can see that. The 3D effects in the movie was truly amazing and seeing this movie in 3D or “real D” was one of the best experiences. Truly mesmerising, I truly advise and urge anyone and everyone out there to see this movie in 3D otherwise you will seriously regret it! I have seen this in 2D  and 3D and I’ve instantly fell in love with it.  Visually gorgeous to the eyes, characters built to amaze and the story brilliantly told, this is easily one of the best movies of the decade! Since I have seen it in both 2D and 3D, I shall give my score on both.

2D: 9/10
3D: 10/10


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