Hannah Montana: The Movie

Director: Peter Chelsom
Writer: Dan Berendsen
Producers: David Blocker/Billy Ray Cyrus/Alfred Gough/Miles Millar/Steven Peterman/Michael Poryes 
Starring: Miley Cyrus/Billy Ray Cyrus/Emily Osment/Jason Earles/Michael Musso/Lucas Till/Vanessa Williams
Year: 2009
Country: US
BBFC Certification:
Duration: 102 minutes

Probably one of the most memorable songs of 2009 was Miley Cyrus’ hit ‘The Climb’ which was later covered by X Factor 2009 winner, Joe McElderry and was the official song to Hannah Montana: The Movie but was the movie really all that memorable? Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is starting to forget who she really is because of being Hannah Montana (Miley Stewart’s alter-ego) all of the time so to make sure she doesn’t forget who she is and where she comes from, her father (Miley Cyrus’ real-life father, Billy Ray Cyrus) decides to take her on a trip to visit Tennessee where she originally came from. The story is surprisingly pretty good and is actually quite entertaining for a family audience and it sends the usual squeaky-clean message that Disney usually sends with their movies about learning who you are. Apart from learning about her roots and where she came from, the movie also covers about growing up and dealing with Miley’s first love along with juggling her super-secret life. The acting in the movie was above average and Miley Cyrus gave out a good performance sometimes but other times it got a little bad. Billy Ray Cyrus gave out a great performance as the father of the teen who is there to lend her a hand and give her advice. Also, Lucas Till who played Travis shouldn’t go unnoticed either. The locations where the movie was shot were nice to the eye, such as the countryside and the farm and also the cast were just right for this movie.

The songs were actually great and if you’re a country fan, you would appreciate and love the songs in the movie. My particular favourites was Crazier by Taylor Swift and Back To Tennessee by Billy Ray Cyrus. I have only watched one episode of the show and there’s one more thing I don’t get and that is how nobody knew Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus/Stewart and that kind of annoyed me. All she did was put on a blonde wig and that was it! If you look in the trailer or the movie poster, she looks exactly the same except for the hair colour, nothing else and yet absolutely no-one in the movie knew or guessed it was her. Still, that’s only a little bit I found annoying from the movie. Fans of the show will adore the movie but non-fans may not appreciate it as much.

It’s neither here nor there. It’s a good story with some good acting that sends a Disney message but you’d forget it as soon as you see it. Surprisingly good, I never expected myself to actually find the movie a little entertaining.



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