The Lovely Bones

Director: Peter Jackson 
Peter Jackson/Fran Walsh/Phillipa Boyens
Based on the Novel by: Alice Sebold
Peter Jackson/Fran Walsh/Carolynne Cunningham/Aimee Peyronnet/Stephen Spielburg
Saoirse Ronan/Mark Wahlberg/Rachel Weisz/Susan Sarandon/Michael Imperioli/Stanley Tucci 
Country: New Zealand/US/UK
BBFC Certification: PG
Duration: 135 minutes

The Lovely Bones centres on a young girl who has been murdered and watches over her family – and her killer – from heaven. She must weigh her desire for vengeance against her desire for her family to heal. While The Lovely Bones has a great plot and the story and scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat, I felt like that it was missing something. The characters were well done but there were times when they weren’t portrayed very well but this isn’t enough to put you off the movie. The acting was very good as the cast made a very believable and confident performance but the star who shone throughout was Saoirse Ronan who played the happy-but-unlucky Susie Salmon, her performance was simply outstanding and nice to watch.

The cinematography and camerawork was outstanding and the scenes of when Susie was in heaven was visually stunning to the eye. The visual effects were stunningly beautiful and mesmerising but there were times when the movie would focus less on the story and more on Susie’s ‘world’. However, the direction by Peter Jackson was well done.

From the start I was gripped to the movie. Saoirse Ronan narrates through the movie and tells the story of her and her family’s struggle to move on after her death which, I thought, added a very nice touch to the movie and made it that more emotional. I thought it was a great movie with some solid performances and mesmerising scenes. If you like a good drama then this would be the movie for you.



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