Director: Jon Wright
Stephen Prentice
Cavan Ash/Tracy Brimm/Arvind Ethan David/Katie Myers
Alex Pettyfer/April Pearson/Larissa Wilson/Calvin Dean
BBFC Certification:
91 minutes

Darren Mullet, a bullied asthmatic, is driven to suicide by his tormented life – ignored by his parents, ridiculed by his teachers and bullied at school. He returns from the dead to pay his teenage tormentors a final visit. Tormented is what would happen if Skins and Scream were to mix together. It mixes the new generation of teenagers with a dash of how slasher movies used to be. The story was quite good, above average and would keep your attention for so long but there were a couple of scenes in the movie which weren’t needed and felt pointless. The characters were created very well but most of the cast were the bullies and therefore you didn’t like them instantly however the actors who portrayed the characters was great.

The acting was believable, the video clips of Darren Mullet being bullied felt hauntingly realistic. The cinematography and camerawork was great and gave out an eerie vibe when the camera was looking through the eyes of Darren Mullet. The direction was great and gave out a realistic and fearful look as to how far bullying can go and what the outcome could possibly be for the bullied.

I naturally like horror movies and I love a good scare and while Tormented was a great horror movie, it doesn’t scare. Some of the kills were aimed for laughs and I think the entire movie wasn’t supposed to be taken too seriously. Another thing I liked about this movie is how there were no good characters in it and I especially liked how there wasn’t no person who aims to do nothing but save the day, it makes a nice change to the horrors that are released today. If you’re expecting to be scared, then you’ll be disappointed. However if you like high school horrors then Tormented is the one for you.



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