Director: Alexander Williams
Alexander Williams
Dominic Burns/Robert Jaques/Sam Lennox/Jonathon Stow
Danielle Lloyd/Zach Galligan/Dominic Burns/Michael Socha
Country: UK
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 87 minutes

The story takes place in a cottage located deep in the wilds of the Lake District, in which a group of friends have returned following a party. In this isolated retreat, the tired party-goers’ nerves get the better of them. And soon they find that the urban legends they were dismissing only moments before, are becoming a horrific reality. Cut has made history in being the first ever movie to be filmed in one continuous take which is an achievement in itself, however this came at the expense of the movie. The story is non-existent which made the movie feel like stuff was just happening for no reason, it didn’t answer any questions whatsoever.  The acting was abysmal, especially from Danielle Lloyd, I’ve seen better acting at a five-year-old’s nativity play. However, there was only one remotely good actor in the movie and that was Michael Socha, Zach Galligan was a surprise to see but even his acting talents isn’t good in this terrible movie.

The sound effects were a joke and the fight scenes were unrealistic. The characters were very badly written and the script is even worse. The worst thing about this movie is, without a doubt, it’s audio. Sometimes you struggle to hear what the characters are saying but most of the time, you really didn’t care. Also the music is abysmal, whenever there was going to be a tense scene, the music would suddenly erupt very loudly making it even harder to hear the characters. Also, the movie ended seriously bad, it could have been much better.

I must applaud Cut simply because it was filmed in one take and I can appreciate the effort that must have gone into the camerawork but there really is nothing positive I can say about this movie. Everything about it was weak and nonsensical which is a shame because with a proper script, a better story and better sound editing, it could have been a good little movie. Another annoying thing about the movie is its poster. Danielle Lloyd is on the poster making us think that she’s the main star in the movie when in fact, she was in it for less than five minutes, talk about misleading! Nothing but a mess from start to finish, this could have been something great in the right hands but instead turned into a joke. Longest 87 minutes of my life, I wished I could get them back!



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