Disaster Movie

Director: Jason Friedburg/Aaron Seltzer
Writers: Jason Friedburg/Aaron Seltzer
Producers: Jason Friedburg/Aaron Seltzer/Peter Safran
Starring: Matt Lanter/Vanessa Minnillo/Nicole Parker/Carmen Electra
Year: 2008
Country: US/Canada
BBFC Certification: 12
Duration: 87 minutes

Over the course of one evening, an unsuspecting group of twenty-somethings find themselves bombarded by a series of natural disasters and catastrophic events. Yes, yet again, the famous duo who has wrecked a whole genre between the pair of them return for their latest movie, Disaster Movie. There is literally nothing here to review. The story doesn’t exist, there is literally no story at all, it’s nowhere to be seen. The characters were yet again stupid for humour and yet again they failed to make anyone laugh. The writers have written nothing but an unfunny sketch show that lasts for a dire hour and a half. The jokes and ‘funny’ scenes weren’t anywhere near funny.

The acting was awful and the characters were just pop and movie references and wasn’t shy about it either. The only character that almost got a smile from me was Juno or “Juney” as she is called in this atrocious movie. Basically, I’m just repeating what I’ve said for the other three movies they’ve made.

Disaster Movie is without a doubt the worst movie I have ever seen. I felt like I was having my eyes poked repetitively while being set on fire and that was only in the first five minutes. Friedburg and Seltzer have no clue how to write anything or how to make any kind of movie. I think they have a contest between themselves to see whether they can make a movie crappier than the last, I think this time they’ve really done it because it officially can’t get any worse. Friedburg and Seltzer, do us all a favour and STOP MAKING THESE ABOMINATIONS!



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