The Ugly Truth

Director: Robert Luketic
Writers: Nicole Eastman/Karen McCullah Lutz/Kirsten Smith
Producers: Katherine Heigl/Karen McCullah Lutz/Kirsten Smith/Tom Rosenburg
Starring: Katherine Heigl/Gerard Butler/Bonnie Somerville/Yvette Nicole Brown
Year: 2009
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 96 minutes

A romantically challenged morning show producer is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result.

The very predictable Battle of the Sexes

The Ugly Truth is your average battle-of-the-sexes romantic comedy movie that’s actually quite entertaining for women as well as men. The story is good although the plot has been done before many times before and doesn’t really offer nothing fresh. However, in saying this, it’s very entertaining to watch with some good humour involved. The acting was good and both Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler gave out a comic performance as their characters. The characters were good to watch and made for entertaining viewing. The camerawork was good and the direction is good as well. The pace of the movie was smooth, nothing was too slow or too fast and the scenes were executed very well.

I watched The Ugly Truth and expected a silly rom-com that was very predictable and not that funny but after watching it, I got two out of three. Yes it was quite silly and very predictable but it was funny and entertaining to watch. I wouldn’t exactly call this movie a romantic comedy either. Even though romance is involved, it didn’t feel like a rom-com which I liked. There were some humorous scenes that both men and women would find funny and it’s great how the two characters interacted through the movie. Two completely opposite people, both of them don’t like each other’s personality and yet there was a little bit of chemistry between them. I also liked how, even though it’s almost exactly the same as every other romantic comedy, it was different. I liked how Gerard Butler’s character actually told Katherine Heigl’s character what men are like and teaching her what they like and hate.

Overall, I liked it. It wasn’t cheesy and some of the scenes were genuinely funny. It’s a movie you’d see where you can leave your brain by the door and watch. A different romantic comedy that’s actually kind of funny.

It’s not fantastic but it is good. Yes it might be very predictable and you’d probably guess everything in the first sixty seconds but the circumstances the characters land themselves in makes funny moments for both men and women.


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