Saw VI

Director: Kevin Greutert
Writers: Patrick Melton/Marcus Dunstan
Producers: Mark Burg/Oren Koules/James Wan/Leigh Whannell
Starring: Tobin Bell/Costas Mandylor/Betsy Russell/Mark Rolston/Shawnee Smith
Year: 2009
Country: US/Canada
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 90 minutes

With Special Agent Strahm dead, the sinister Detective Hoffman has emerged to carry on Jigsaw’s murderous work. With the FBI drawing ever closer to maniacal Hoffman, the detective is cornered into setting yet another gruesome game in motion: a blood-drenched pursuit that will finally shed light on the really reasons behind Jigsaw’s grand scheme.

The game comes full circle…yet there’s another movie being released next year…

I don’t think this really needs an introduction as every Halloween, you know there’ll be yet another Saw movie in the cinemas but have they finally stopped writing mediocre stories and uninteresting characters? Maybe…just maybe. The story is so much better than the last two movies and makes a lot more sense. Also, it clears up any confusion that you might have had watching the previous movies and doesn’t ask many questions for Saw VII. The acting is so much better in this one too and Tobin Bell, once again, is fantastic as the twisted Jigsaw and VH1’s Scream Queen winner Tanedra Howard was a delight to watch. The characters are better written as you actually cared for them and their situation. There isn’t much character development but there is enough to keep you intrigued and interested in the characters. The direction has improved since Saw IV and the special effects and gore scenes are still very much realistic and shocking. The traps are quite clever and it makes you wonder how someone could come up with something so twisted. It worries you a little but it makes for a great horror movie.

Saw VI puts the Saw series back on track, which I’m quite glad about because as a series, it’s not bad. Everything about the movie has improved from the dire movies Saw IV and V. The best thing is the ending wasn’t predictable which I loved. The end to the trap was truly shocking and probably the worst scene for blood and gore in the Saw movies since the third. The end of the story I didn’t see coming so I’m glad it’s got it’s unpredictability back and I’m glad Saw VI put the series back on track, however the first remains the best movies in the series for me but this is a close second. Let’s hope the next movie keeps it at this level of quality.

Saw is back to how it should be. It started going downhill after the third but this picked it right back up!


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