A Nightmare on Elm Street [1984]

Director: Wes Craven
Writers: Wes Craven 
Producers: Robert Shaye 
Starring: Heather Langenkamp/Robert Englund/Johnny Depp/John Saxon 
Year: 1984
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 91 minutes

Nancy is having grisly Nightmares. Something monstrous wants to kill her.  Meanwhile, her high school friends, who are having the very same dream, are being slaughtered in their sleep by the hideous fiend of their shared nightmare. When the police ignore her explanation, she herself must confront the killer in his shadowy realm.

Whatever you do, DON’T….FALL….ASLEEP!”

As I have said on the sidebar, I am going to be reviewing the entire collection of A Nightmare on Elm Street, which has a total of eight films (counting Freddy vs. Jason) so let’s start at the very beginning where it all kicked off. A Nightmare on Elm Street is famous for being one of the most scariest and original horror movies ever to have been made. Many are scared to watch it, many love it but is it really scary? The answer in a nutshell: yes. The story is brilliant and really captures the mind and imagination of Wes Craven and his filmmaking. The characters were brilliantly written and you cared for the teenagers and you hoped that they would get away from the clutches of the villain or defeat him. The character development involved in the movie was great as we see the main character Nancy turn from a defenceless, scared girl into a fighting, brave woman and we see her literally battle her demons. The acting was brilliant, especially Heather Langenkamp who played our heroine Nancy and Robert Englund who left his mark as the terrifying Freddy Krueger. The cinematography was fantastic, the direction was brilliant and the script was great. The nightmare scenes and the effects were executed magnificently as the cast and crew really pulled it off to make the movie scary and believable.

I love this movie and this is probably my favourite horror movie. The scares are original and don’t rely very heavily on blood, guts and gore but jumpy and suspenseful scenes, which I love. The scariest thing about the movie is the fact that Freddy isn’t real in the real world but is real in your dreams, which I think, was a very inspired and original thought from Wes Craven. I’m sitting here, typing this movie review trying to think of the pros and cons but I really can’t find a fault with this movie. It has everything a horror movie should have, let’s hope the sequels keep this quality.

A brilliant, unforgettable scare. They just don’t make horror movies like this anymore.


2 responses to “A Nightmare on Elm Street [1984]

  1. Ryuk May 4, 2010 at 6:52 am

    Personally I think this is the most scarist one, the others kinda went to comedy.. This you see him put the glove on, even that put chills on my back…

    Why oh why did u only give this a 9?????

    • dudedazz May 4, 2010 at 10:11 am

      I think it’s the scariest one so far as well and it’s definitely one of my favourite horror movies. I gave it a 9 because nothing isn’t really perfect, but this is very close to a perfect horror movie hence the 9/10.

      Thank you very much for commenting. 🙂

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