A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Director: Jack Sholder
Writers: David Chaskin 
Producers: Robert Shaye
Starring: Robert Englund/Mark Patton/Kim Myers/Robert Rusler/Hope Lange 
Year: 1985
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 87 minutes

Five years have passed since Freddy Krueger was sent howling back to hell. But now, a new kid on Elm Street is being haunted every night by gruesome visions of the deadly dream stalker.  And if his twisted soul takes possession of the boy’s body, Freddy will return from the dead to wreak bloody murder and mayhem upon the entire town.

You are all my children now!”

So after watching the very scary A Nightmare on Elm Street, it was time to watch the sequel but did the sequel live up to the first? The story is mediocre and pretty much goes over old ground but this time, Freddy wants to take over the main character’s mind, soul and body so he can kill again. The characters are also mediocre, Freddy is the interesting character in the movie and Lisa, Jesse’s girlfriend, is mildly interesting but unfortunately I can’t say the same for our main character Jesse who is about as interesting as watching a brick wall for six hours. The movie lacked character development and it lacked depth in any of the characters and you weren’t interested in any of them. The direction wasn’t bad but the writing for the story and the teenagers was. It’s basically a repeat of the first Nightmare but with uninteresting characters, no imagination and mediocre acting (except for, of course, Robert Englund as Freddy).

A disastrous sequel to one of the greatest horror movies ever. I’m quite surprised Freddy didn’t die out because of this sequel, as it’s practically a nightmare to watch from start to finish. This isn’t the same quality as the first movie and it isn’t entertaining enough either. The film started out promising and starts out as a good continuation from the first Nightmare but, as time passed, it started to get worse along with the acting and started to repeat the first movie. In the end, it felt like it drifted from the Nightmare series with the only connection being the story of Freddy Krueger and Nancy’s diary from the first Nightmare. Overall, it’s a very disappointing sequel to a fantastic horror movie.

I think this is possibly one of the worst sequels to a movie I’ve ever seen in a long time. I think this is one nightmare that I wouldn’t like to visit again.


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