A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Director: Chuck Russell 
Writers: Wes Craven/Bruce Wagner/Frank Darabont/Chuck Russell 
Producers: Robert Shaye 
Starring: Robert Englund/Heather Langenkamp/Patricia Arquette/Laurence Fishbourne/John Saxon/Zsa Zsa Gabor 
Year: 1987
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 96 minutes

The last of the Elm Street kids are now at a psychiatric ward where Freddy haunts their dreams with unspeakable horrors.  Their only hope is dream researcher and fellow survivor Nancy Thompson, who helps them battle the supernatural psycho on his own hellish turf.

9, 10, Freddy’s back again!”

After watching the appalling A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, I decided to brave it out and carry on with the series and to my surprise, this was actually a great sequel. The story is very good and is entertaining but it isn’t really very scary although it probably was when it was released. The characters were done very good as we see our old favourite heroine Nancy return along with some ‘suicidal’ teenagers, one of which is Patricia Arquette who plays the troubled Kristen. The character development is well done as yet again you see the scared teenagers turn into…well…dream warriors. The acting was great as Heather Langenkamp returns as the tough Nancy and Robert Englund as the scary Freddy Krueger. Patricia Arquette should also be praised for her performance as Kristen as should the rest of the cast. The direction is done very well and the nightmare scenes were done brilliantly as this takes a more comedic turn to the previous Nightmares.

I really did enjoy this one, it’s definitely improved from the second one but, as expected, it doesn’t beat the first one. This one isn’t so scary but this is more of a dark horror comedy if anything because of the one-liners Freddy uses although the idea of Freddy Kruger is still quite a terrifying one. The special effects and the nightmare scenes were brilliantly executed and I loved how Robert Englund had truly left his mark as the only one who should be Freddy. Overall, this definitely beats the second and is very enjoyable but it’s not on the same level as the first, which was to be expected.

A great addition to the series with a lot of imagination and it’s improved from it’s boring second movie which shouldn’t have been made. This is definitely worth the watch, if only this was the second movie instead of the third…


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