A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Director: Stephen Hopkins
Writers: John Skipp/Craig Spector/Leslie Bohem
Producers: Robert Shaye/Rupert Harvey 
Starring: Robert Englund/Lisa Wilcox/Kelly Jo Minter/Danny Hassel/Joe Seely 
Year: 1989
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 89 minutes

Unable to overpower the Dream Master who vanquished him in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Freddy haunts the innocent dreams of her unborn child and preys upon her friends with sheer horror. Will the child be saved from becoming Freddy’s newest weapon or will the maniac again resurrect his legacy of evil?

When it comes to terror, remember…Freddy knows best!”

Freddy’s back in an all-new nightmare that’s supposed to scare us…but fails to fulfil its promise to do so. The story is bland, confusing and near enough ridiculous and it isn’t anywhere near interesting or captivating. The acting isn’t bad, as Lisa Wilcox had done okay as Alice and Robert Englund manages to creep you out as Freddy Krueger, otherwise the acting is just hit-and-miss. The characters and the way they’re written is another problem for the movie, you don’t really know much about them, they’re hardly interesting and didn’t have any personality and therefore results in you not caring enough for them. The character development is absolutely dire, as the characters are one-dimensional. The nightmare scenes are done well as we see Freddy’s warped and sadistic world but there were a couple of nightmare scenes that didn’t look scary but more ridiculous.

So overall, it was rubbish. This is probably the closest to be as boring and as a nightmare to watch as the second movie, Freddy’s Revenge. Robert Englund gives out a great performance as the evil Freddy as per usual but it’s not enough to save this monstrosity. Normally, the Nightmares had very good special effects but this didn’t even have that going for it. The Nightmares have been up and down but at the moment, the movies are starting to sink as they go along since the fourth, and fast! Let’s hope Freddy’s Dead can pick the series back up.

One of the worst sequels in the series. It’s boring, uninteresting and instantly forgettable as soon as you finish watching it. It truly was a nightmare to watch.


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