Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

 Freddy's Dead- The Final Nightmare
Director: Rachel Talalay 
Writers: Rachel Talalay/Michael DeLuca 
Producers: Michael DeLuca/Michael N. Knue/Robert Shaye/Aron Warner
Starring: Robert Englund/Breckin Meyer/Lisa Zane/Lezlie Deane/Yaphet Kotto
Year: 1991
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 89 minutes

Just when you thought it was safe to go to sleep, Freddy Krueger is back to haunt your dreams and freeze your blood! Lisa Zane is a child psychologist tormented by recurring nightmares. But not until she meets a new patient with the same horrific dreams does her quest for answers lead to a certain house on Elm Street- where an evil that defies the greave is about to be unleashed upon the world.

“They saved the best for last”

So Freddy’s Dead was apparently supposed to be the ‘final’ nightmare, the final nail in the dream coffin for our favourite villain. He was absolutely terrifying in A Nightmare on Elm Street and he was disturbingly funny in the other sequels but should this really be the final nightmare? Well the story is below average and tends to bore you in some scenes. The characters were badly written with the exception of Freddy with his witty one-liners before his kills. The writing is mediocre and the direction is okay but I think what saved this movie a lot was Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger and the nightmare scenes. The nightmare scenes were entertaining enough and the last scene was executed very well. Robert Englund is brilliant as Freddy and really makes the character his own. Overall, it’s not as bad as the second or the fifth Nightmares but it’s not better than the past Krueger movies.

I’m torn here because while I enjoyed some of the scenes, the story felt like it wasn’t done well enough. The idea of the story, of Freddy shaking up the entire town since the teenage population was killed by him, was a great idea but it was executed quite poorly. I did like watching the past scenes when we saw Freddy’s life and why he is the way he is. The special effects weren’t as good as the others but still, even though some parts of the movie was a little more ridiculous than the fifth movie, it was entertaining.

It’s below average and it’s not really a good addition. However, it was good to see a bit of the back-story of Freddy Krueger and how he became the man of your worst nightmares.


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