The Losers

losers_poster Director: Sylvain White 
Writer: Peter Berg/James Vanderbilt 
Based on the Comic Book by: Andy Diggle 
Producers: Joel Silver/Akiva Goldsman/Kerry Foster
Starring: Zoe Saldana/Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Idris Elba/Chris Evans
Year: 2010
Country: US 
BBFC Certification: 12
Duration: 103 minutes

Originally a Special Forces team seconded to the CIA in the 90s, the Losers were betrayed by their handler, Max, and left for dead following the conclusion of their operation. Eager for revenge and the opportunity to remove their names from a secret CIA death list, the Losers regroup and conduct covert operations against the CIA and its interests, uncovering startling operations spearheaded by the enigmatic Max, whose influence within the CIA and US government is unparalleled.

Imaginary guns FTW!

Yet another comic book is getting the Hollywood treatment but is this worth the time? I’d say it was. The story was quite good even if it was predictable and it was surprisingly funny in some parts but the action was more memorable and is more dominant in the movie. The acting was brilliant and they really brought their characters to life. The characters were written quite well, especially the baddie of the movie, Max who made for some funny scenes. The action sequences were executed brilliantly and the whole of the movie was a joy to watch. The writing and directing were both great and there were good twists in the movie too.

After watching The Losers, I was very happy the way it turned out because it had a great story that kept you gripped, some very good action scenes, funny comedy scenes, great acting and the directing was good too. The Losers is what it is and it knows what it wants to be and achieves just that. The story was a surprisingly good one for an action movie but with the fantastic action scenes, the story isn’t the main thing. The action scenes were more memorable than the story. The acting was great and I thought that the cast did a great job playing their characters. The writers did a good job with making this movie and I thought that it was a very entertaining and enjoyable watch for a comic book movie. If you’re into action scenes with some humour thrown in, then I highly suggest that you watch this movie because this would definitely be for you.

A very enjoyable movie with some fantastic action sequences, great acting and a good storyline. The Losers is a cool action flick that is guaranteed to keep action movie fans entertained.


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