Aliens vs. Predator 2: Requiem

Alien vs. Predator 2- RequiemDirector: Colin Strause/Greg Strause
Writer: Shane Salerno
Producers: John Davis/Wyck Godfrey/Walter Hill
Starring: Steven Pasquale/Reiko Aylesworth/John Ortiz
Year: 2007
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 94 minutes

After a horrifying PredAlien crash-lands near a small Colorado town, killing everyone it encounters and producing countless Alien offspring, a lone Predator arrives to "clean up" the infestation. Soon it’s an all-out battle to the death with no rules, no mercy – and hundreds of innocent people caught in the crossfire. As the creature carnage continues, a handful of human survivors attempt a daring escape, but the U.S. government may be hatching a deadly plan of its own…

In Space, no-one can hear you scream…at home, it won’t matter…because you can turn off the movie…

From the very mediocre Alien vs. Predator comes Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem which is not only probably one of the worst sequels to a movie yet but also one of the worst sci-fi horror movies. The story is not interesting in the slightest and it doesn’t really develop or grip you. There was nothing about the story that kept your attention or stuck out in your mind. Excusing a few scenes, the acting was just very bad and they didn’t make me believe the characters they were portraying whatsoever. The characters were one-dimensional and you didn’t care at all for any of them and they became more annoying as the movie went on. The writing was terrible and just felt like random things were happening and the direction wasn’t good either. There were some okay fight scenes but that’s all Requiem really had going for it.

Aliens vs. Predator 2: Requiem has nothing going for it. It has a couple of good action scenes but there’s nothing else. Everything in the movie could have been improved; from the bland story to the tedious characters. Also, Alien vs. Predator didn’t need a sequel at all so the movie is just even more pointless and doesn’t add anything to the first story whatsoever. The only thing that this movie has improved on is the blood and gore and even then, it still doesn’t really add anything to the movie. The acting is absolutely dire, I just hated how they portrayed their characters because they all looked so bored. However, I’ve seen better acting at a Year 1 Nativity play. No doubt the writing is probably the worst thing about this movie, it’s just so uninspiring and plain and it didn’t really feel like any time was spent thinking about it because it just felt random and completely pointless. I personally thought that Alien vs. Predator was okay, it wasn’t really good or bad but this sequel is just a disaster from start to finish. I can’t speak for the fans but if you are a massive fan of Alien or Predator or both, you may enjoy this but I can’t really see anybody else enjoying this monstrosity.

Terrible! The action scenes were cool to watch but other than that, absolutely terrible and is probably on my list of Top 10 Worst Sequels Ever!


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