The Karate Kid: Part II

karate_kid_part_iiDirector: John G. Avildsen
Writer: Robert Mark Kamen 
Producers: Jerry Weintraub/William J. Cassidy/Susan Ekins/Karen Trudy Rosenfelt 
Starring: Ralph Macchio/Noriyuki ‘Pat’ Morita/Danny Kamekona/Yuji Okumoto 
Year: 1986
Country: US
BBFC Certification: PG
Duration: 113 minutes

The Karate Kid continues the series with a sequel in which this time, Daniel learns more about Okinawa, Mr. Miyagi’s birthplace, and Mr. Miyagi’s history. Taking place shortly after the last movie, Mr. Miyagi hears some unfortunate news about his father and travels on the next plane to Okinawa, accompanied with Daniel. Once there, he bumps into his rival and former best friend, Sato, who thinks he’s a traitor and a coward for running away and leaving his home years ago. Now Miyagi must settle the score with his rival and take care of his dying father while training Daniel, who also has a rival of his own. The good thing about The Karate Kid: Part II is that we get to learn more about Mr. Miyagi than you did in the first movie. While Mr. Miyagi is still Daniel’s teacher, it felt more like a friendship this time round than it did in the first movie. Yet again, fantastic performances as their characters as Noriyuki Morita and Ralph Maccio do a terrific job. The whole cast were great as their characters but apart from Noriyuki Morita and Ralph Maccio, credit must also go to Danny Kamekona and Yuji Okumoto, who plays Sato and his nephew Chozen, respectively. The bad thing about The Karate Kid: Part II is that it’s yet again predictable, although it doesn’t lose much charm from the characters.

The Karate Kid: Part II has some great moments with some good, solid writing and nice direction. The story isn’t so much the underdog story like the first movie was but there are still elements of that in the movie. This time, it’s based more on revenge, love and peace more than anything else and while the movie makes a worthy sequel to its predecessor, it somehow loses a little bit of that charming magic that The Karate Kid had and I have no clue why that magic has disappeared. The Karate Kid: Part II has some good dialogue and there are some good words said by Mr. Miyagi that could also be reflected on you in real life.

I really do think that The Karate Kid: Part II is a good sequel and lives up to the first movie but the biggest negative point of the movie is the ending, as it didn’t feel like an ending. This is the same problem that The Karate Kid had, it felt like it was cut too short and happened too suddenly. I found The Karate Kid: Part II to be just as enjoyable as the first movie but not as charming. Even though the charm of the main two characters, Daniel and Miyagi, hasn’t changed since the first, the story has changed and has lost a bit of charm. This may be because the two movies are a little different as they both touch on different main subjects. The Karate Kid: Part II has some great fight choreography, brilliant acting and good storytelling but falls short on the charm and magic that The Karate Kid had. Still, it’s an enjoyable movie which has some valuable messages and it’s a good family movie. You’ll like this addition if you liked the first movie.



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