The Matrix

matrix Directors: Andy Wachowski/Larry Wachowski 
Writers: Andy Wachowski/Larry Wachowski
Producer: Andy Wachowski/Larry Wachowski/Grant Hill/Joel Silver 
Starring: Keanu Reeves/Laurence Fishburne/Carrie-Anne Moss/Hugo Weaving 
Year: 1999
Country: US/Australia
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 136 minutes

This week, I decided I’m going to watch the trilogy of The Matrix, one of the most iconic movies of the nineties. The Matrix is known as one of the greatest science-fiction movies to have graced our screens, however the sequels didn’t tend to go down as well as The Matrix did as far as popularity goes. The movie is about a computer hacker called Neo who finds out that reality is far beyond what he could ever imagine. Morpheus, a computer hacker, shows Neo the real world which is nothing more than a wasteland where humans have been captured by machines that imprison their minds in an artificial reality known as the Matrix. Neo must return to the Matrix knowing the truth and defeating the Agents, highly-intelligent powerful computer programs who are written to kill Neo as well as the human race. The Matrix is one of those movies that everybody knows and remembers for it’s excellent special effects and it’s brilliant fight sequences but let me assure you, there’s more to the movie than that. The movie has a great story with imagination which tells us about life and technology and how the humans are fighting them in great detail. The Matrix also has characters that you actually cared about in the movie and you felt the emotion from the actors’ performances. While he may not have been the best actor ever, Keanu Reeves still manages to deliver a terrific performance as Neo and so does Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Ann Moss, who play Morpheus and Trinity respectively. They were casted just right as the characters’ personalities and the way they behaved suited the actors and actresses which made them believable.

The Matrix
has one thing that I couldn’t fault and that was its special effects. Here in 2010, we have, of course, seen better special effects but the special effects in The Matrix is definitely something that is still great after eleven years. Normally, I am a story guy, I love movies with a great story that will captivate you or send a powerful message as well as great character development, which this movie had. However, the thing that I was looking forward to the most with this movie was actually the action scenes. After seeing Neo and Morpheus in the sparring program half an hour into the movie, I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for the duration of the movie. The Wachowski Brothers have written a great story with a smart script that has some thought-provoking lines from some of the characters (mainly from either Morpheus or The Oracle).

A brilliant thing about The Matrix is not only it’s fantastic special effects, writing and direction but the fact that you care a lot about the characters and in some ways, you feel connected to them. The Matrix has some great material and, although it’s not intelligent, it’s smart enough to make you think about the movie afterwards. Everything about the movie is truly inspiring from the story to the script. The acting is almost faultless, the special effects were magnificent and the action scenes were brilliantly executed. The best thing about The Matrix is how it convinces you that fiction and reality can live together and you would never know any different. All in all, The Matrix is one of the best science-fiction movies made and those who are fans of the genre will not be disappointed by this movie.



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