Princess Protection Program

Princess Protection Program Poster copyDirector: Allison Liddi-Brown 
Writer: Annie DeYoung
Producers: Douglas Sloan
Starring: Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez/Jamie Chung/Nicholas Braun 
Year: 2009
Country: US
BBFC Certification: U
Duration: 88 minutes

The Disney Channel seem to be making more movies than I’ve had hot dinners and this time, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez star as the main characters of the movie. You should know by now that Disney Channel Original Movies are the extra cheese on your pizza so even knowing that this is a Disney Channel movie, you should know what to expect from Princess Protection Program. So the story is about an ordinary girl, Carter, who has to live with Rosalinda, a princess living under the Princess Protection Program which is a secret service funded by the Royal families protecting princesses all over the world. You can see where this is going already. The movie is unsurprisingly predictable but surprisingly funny in a couple of places. The story isn’t exactly a good story and it’s completely forgettable five minutes after you’ve watched it but it’s good enough for the children to enjoy. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato give out a decent performance as their characters but I can not say the same for the bullies in the movie as in a couple of scenes, they could be a bit too extreme and go over-the-top, making their characters unbelievable. The ‘Annoying Diva’ role can work in some movies but in Princess Protection Program, it really didn’t and I think that it spoiled the movie a little and it was quite annoying how the bullies were obsessed about becoming Homecoming Queen. It seemed that every single sentence they were saying was about being a Homecoming Princess and then a Homecoming Queen, which made them irritating within the first ten minutes and they didn’t stop until the credits came up at the end of the movie!

The characters were quite good for a Disney Channel movie but just like the ‘Annoying Diva’ characters, they’re too stereotypical. On one hand, you have the typical teen that’s laid back with a secret crush on a guy who’s quite the bighead. Then, on the other hand, you have the princess who seems stuck-up at first but then you get to know her more to find out that she’s actually really nice and totally different to how people judge her because of her background. While I do get that this is a Disney Channel movie for children and how this shouldn’t be taken seriously, it would still be nice to see a writer come along and not make everything so stereotypical and predictable.

Princess Protection Program does send a good message of not judging people before knowing them and that over-reacting divas can only work in some movies. While the writing and directing isn’t exactly award winning material, for a Disney Channel movie, it’s actually pretty decent. It’s good for people who liked movies like The Princess Diaries but for those parents or babysitters out there who are scared that this could be like the awful Camp Rock, then do not worry because it’s not, this is actually watchable. It’s not exactly a cheese overload but it’s close enough!



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