I Love You, Beth Cooper

I Love You, Beth Cooper Director: Chris Columbus
Writer: Larry Doyle
Producer: Chris Columbus/Mark Radcliffe/Michael Barnathan 
Starring: Hayden Panettiere/Paul Rust/Jack T. Carpenter/Lauren London/Lauren Storm
Year: 2009 
Country: US/Canada
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 102 minutes

Chris Columbus is such a great filmmaker and has been involved with some brilliant movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Home Alone and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and so a big question was raised from me for Chris Columbus: How do you direct great movies and then come out with this? I Love You, Beth Cooper is so many clichés wrapped up in one big cliché. In the usual teen comedies, nerd falls for popular girl and popular girl starts to like the nerd with a few embarrassing scenes thrown in throughout the movie. I Love You, Beth Cooper is so painfully predictable and obvious but it’s just a little bit of harmless fun. From reading the description above, you may pretty much guess what’s going to happen and when you’re actually watching the movie, you can guess everything but the way the cast deliver it does come up with a couple of pretty funny results. I Love You, Beth Cooper’s story isn’t really so fantastic and has been done a million times before and much better but you can not help but smile in a couple of the scenes with Hayden Panettiere and Paul Rust. The one thing that really makes I Love You, Beth Cooper is the performances from the cast and the way they deliver their scenes. Hayden Panettiere is great as popular girl-of-your-dreams Beth Cooper and there were a couple of funny scenes including her but Dennis’ scenes, played by Paul Rust, were sometimes so humiliating, it made it hard not to cover up your eyes through embarrassment for his character and so he did a good job. The rest of the cast played their parts well but they were forgettable, even if the movie’s main focus was on Beth Cooper and Dennis Cooverman.

So there’s no denying that I Love You, Beth Cooper is one among many of the most predictable and sometimes unfunny romantic teen comedies but it does have its moments. I definitely would have expected better from Chris Columbus, even though the movie is what it is and it does hit it’s target audience, which I suppose would be teenagers and guys in their teens who’d watch it for Hayden Panettiere. The characters were written okay but they were walking, talking stereotypes with hardly any personality with the exception of Paul Rust, who delivered the performance as the awkward geek, Dennis Cooverman, very well. The way he reacts around Beth and how he feels about her is something I’m sure quite a few of us guys out there can relate to. Other than that, you couldn’t really relate to any of the characters and you didn’t care about them at all. You can pretty much guess the story from start to finish although it ends slightly different to how some people may think it would. I Love You, Beth Cooper isn’t really hilarious but it does have it’s funny moments so it’s not all bad.

Hayden Panettiere and Paul Rust are possibly the only thing that’s good about this movie, otherwise it’s just one of those movies you can watch once and never watch again for the rest of your life. The main problem with I Love You, Beth Cooper is that it’s entirely predictable and it’s really stereotypical, even though it tries not to be with some of the characters. The whole story of the geek in love with the popular girl but the popular girl is dating the geek’s bully is all too familiar. I Love You, Beth Cooper is supposed to be a feel-good teen comedy movie but it fails to do it’s job and you don’t feel hardly anything for the characters or the story. In the end, if you want a funny teen comedy, watch American Pie, Mean Girls or The Breakfast Club and skip this. Trust me when I say that you’ll forget I Love You, Beth Cooper as soon as you finish watching it. This is just another rental, not a buy.



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