127 Hours

127_hours_poster_01-535x792 Director: Danny Boyle
Writer: Simon Beaufoy/Danny Boyle 
Producer: Christian Colson/John Smithson/Danny Boyle
Starring: James Franco 
Year: 2011
Country: US/UK
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 94 minutes

Danny Boyle has directed some great movies such as the realistic zombie horror 28 Days Later and the entertaining, powerful love story Slumdog Millionaire but Boyle manages to raise the bar to new heights with this brilliantly-made movie, 127 Hours. The movie tells the frighteningly true story of Aron Ralston, an adrenaline-junkie living life to the fullest, and how he fought for survival after a horrible accident where he slipped and had his arm trapped by a boulder for five days. This is the story of how he survived and how he had to use strength, courage, intelligence and determination to deny and escape a slow death. From start to finish, 127 Hours is completely gripping from it’s beautiful locations to it’s phenomenal performance from James Franco, who plays the courageous adventurer. 127 Hours was fantastically directed with some brilliant shots of the canyon and some memorable scenes where we enter Aron’s thoughts and premonitions of his future as well as his worries. The story is very emotional, which is to be expected, and very gripping considering it mostly only stars one actor and his memories involving his regrets. 127 Hours has a brilliant set-up of how one man prepares for death over the course of five days and remembers what’s important to him in life as well as wondering about his  future and his fight to never give up, even if the odds were against him.

The film already has some inspirational messages within it’s captivating story but the biggest thing that makes 127 Hours so memorable and so gripping was it’s lead actor, James Franco. His performance as Aron Ralston is unforgettable as he played the courageous man fantastically. His performance really captured the situation and made it so much more realistic and really brought the amazing true story to life. From the start of the movie, when we see him when he is playing tour guide, to the end where we see him carrying on his life no different than before the gruesome experience, you were taken in by this brave, courageous and inspirational movie.

I would recommend absolutely everybody to see 127 Hours, even if you are squeamish. The gruesome part admittedly looks very realistic and it had even knocked me back and made me cringe in my seat even though I’m not squeamish about blood but I implore you to get through it. The reason I say this is because, even though the arm-cutting scene is very gruesome and horrifying, this is one movie everybody must see before they die because of what it offers. Not only is it truly one of the greatest movies I have ever had the pleasure to watch, but it is also an inspirational movie that shows hope and courage and it also shows you that when you think you’ve got it bad, it could always be worse. Well done to the cast and crew who were involved in making 127 Hours, especially James Franco, who delivered the best performance I have seen in years. If you liked Buried, you will sure enough love this.



One response to “127 Hours

  1. Christian Scott Back January 13, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    My favorite film of 2010. Great review!

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