megamind_poster_a2 Director: Tom McGrath
Writer: David Lindsay-Abaire/Jeanine Tesori 
Producer: Lara Breay/Denise Nolan Cascino/Ben Stiller/Stuart Cornfield 
Starring: Will Ferrell/Tina Fey/Jonah Hill/David Cross/Brad Pitt/Ben Stiller
Year: 2010
Country: US
BBFC Certification: PG
Duration: 96 minutes

With many animated movies to compete with, Megamind’s main rival is Despicable Me, a movie that is quite similar to Megamind in many ways. Both have a loveable main character who is a villain, both have the same goal to be the best villain in the world, both learn they can love and both are the good guys of the movie even though they are villains. Despicable Me was simply a great animation with charming characters and a good story but Megamind manages to be a worthy rival and better it. The movie is about a villain called Megamind who, along with his friend Minion, has always been outsmarted by the much-loved hero called Metroman. However, when Megamind actually defeats Metroman, he wonders what to do next as he finds life without a superhero to fight pointless. Megamind may have scenes that are similar to a few of the other animated movies but it does it so well and with style, that it doesn’t bother you as it feels like it’s paying homage to all of the CGI animated movies. The story is quite original and in the story lies a brilliant message about making life worthwhile and living it with a purpose as well as knowing you can be anybody you want to be, which is something that should be valued by many in the audience. As usual with Dreamworks, the animation is brilliant and it beats the likes of Shrek and Madagascar with it’s bright colours and it’s design of the characters and Metro City (or Metrocity as Megamind likes to call it). One of the many memorable things about Megamind is its slapstick humour as it gives out quite a few funny scenes that children and adults can both laugh at.

also has brilliant and loveable characters, even the villains of the story. You could tell that time and care went into the characters and their different dimensions to their personalities and they fit the story very well. Megamind, although a villain, becomes loveable from the very beginning and you actually want him to defeat the hero and then, when he does, you feel sorry for him because he feels his life has no purpose anymore and tries to fix it. Another great character is Roxanne as she is the typical damsel-in-distress that always gets kidnapped but she’s so used to it, she doesn’t panic and instead, mocks Megamind about his threats. Another thing that makes Megamind memorable is the casts’ voices as the cast suit the characters perfectly. Will Ferrell is simply magnificent as Megamind and I doubt anybody else would have done a better job. Tina Fey and Brad Pitt also did a great job as Roxanne and Metroman but the ones that are most memorable are David Cross and Jonah Hill, who provide the voices for Minion and Hal.

Megamind works because of its story and the characters but the main reason why it works is mainly because of it’s thoughtful script. The comedy scenes work because they are genuinely funny and the serious moments work because they have thought and heart along with a strong message and it’s great to see a brilliant balance in the movie. Personally, Megamind is definitely one of the best animations in recent times and is something that, I would say, beats Shrek and Despicable Me but it’s not close to the quality of How To Train Your Dragon. The movie can be re-watched again as it has that certain quality about it. Everything about Megamind is simply fantastic and children and adults alike will enjoy this.



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