Not Another Teen Movie

215968_1020_ADirector: Joel Gallen 
Mike Bender/Adam Jay Epstein/Andrew Jacobson/Phil Beauman 
Producers: Neal H. Moritz/Phil Beauman/Mike Bender/Buddy Johnson 
Starring: Chryler Leigh/Chris Evans/Jaime Pressly/Mia Kirshner/Deon Richmond
Year: 2001
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 89 minutes

The most popular boy, Jake Wyler  has bet his friends that he can make Janey Briggs–the poor, smart girl from the wrong side of the tracks–prom queen. Meanwhile, her little brother is in pursuit of the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen when he’s not getting into trouble with his geeky friends. Of course, a teen movie wouldn’t be complete without a mean-spirited cheerleading captain, a love struck best friend, and a foreign exchange student, all of whom have prominent roles in the film. Throw in a few guest appearances from familiar faces from some of the best-known teen movies of the 1980s, along with remakes of songs from the same films–and even some word-for-word dialogue–and you have an amusing walk down memory lane for anyone who has a soft spot for The Breakfast Club, Cruel Intentions, and Pretty in Pink.

From the age of parodies, Not Another Teen Movie was released when spoof movies were actually funny and this is one funny parody movie. The movie basically makes fun of teen movies including the story. The story was okay and it made you laugh and the characters were done very well to depict all the stereotypical characters you see in teen movies such as Cruel Intentions, Bring It On, The Breakfast Club and American Pie. The acting was great and the actors and actresses made the characters that little bit more funny. The laughs were definitely there but not in every scene. As you guessed, there would be some toilet humour but Not Another Teen Movie does a good job in handling it well. Overall, it doesn’t belong in the pits of Hell with the Seltzer and Friedburg abominations.

I personally like this movie. It has some very funny, laugh-out-loud scenes which people could recognise from their favourite teen movie, however there were a couple of scenes that weren’t funny but you forget about that. I just watched it for what it was: A funny, silly comedy that shouldn’t be taken seriously. You know by looking at the trailer it’s not going to win any awards for anything and you know it’s not going to get many positive reviews but from me, it does. This is for anyone who wants to put their brain aside and just relax for an hour and a half. Not the best comedy movie I’ve ever seen but it is fun. If you’re going to watch this, don’t take it seriously and you’ll enjoy it more.



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