burlesque Director: Steven Antin
Writer: Susannah Grant
Producers: Donald De Line
Starring: Christina Aguliera/Cher/Eric Dane/Cam Gigandet/Alan Cumming/Kristen Bell/Stanley Tucci
Year: 2010
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 12
Duration: 119 minutes

Pop stars every now and again like to try their hand at acting. We’ve had Mariah Carey in Glitter, we’ve had Britney Spears in Crossroads and now we have Christina Aguliera who teams up with Cher in Burlesque. What is the difference between Glitter, Crossroads and Burlesque? Burlesque is actually surprisingly decent and is something that is a bit of light-hearted fun. Ali moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams and she sees the saucy and sexy world of Burlesque dancing and wants to be a part of it. After much begging, grovelling and pleading, Tess gives her a chance to perform in her club and finds that Ali can sing brilliantly as well as dance. Along with two men competing for her attention, a jealous performer making it difficult for her and a boss with high expectations, Ali sees she has many obstacles to overcome. Christina Aguliera manages to do a very good job as Ali considering this is her first role in a movie. Of course there were a couple of times when her acting started to go off the rails a little but she manages to get back on track and hold her own with solid and saucy dance routines and some brilliant performances that carries the movie quite a bit. Cher was practically perfect for her part as the manager of the Burlesque club and her performance of ‘You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me’ was simply unforgettable and quite powerful. Christina Aguliera and Cher both have fantastic and powerful voices and without them, Burlesque wouldn’t be as good as it was. Stanley Tucci and Cher were great together on-screen as their characters as they offer some light-hearted, fun banter between the two. The cast overall did a decent job and they played the characters quite well and performed how you expected them to perform as their characters in a movie like this. You have two men fighting for the attention of the main female character, the hard and tough boss with her funny sidekick and the bitchy and jealous dancer who feels left out since the lead came along. In all it’s predictability, Burlesque offers nothing but fun and is something that should never be taken seriously at all. There are a few movies that you know has a few faults but yet you can overlook them and still enjoy the movie and Burlesque is one of them.

Steven Antin does a good job in directing this movie musical as there were a few well-shot scenes and some great entertaining song-and-dance sequences too. The dialogue is hit-and-miss and sometimes (well, quite a few times) a little cliché but Burlesque is just two hours of mindless fun that achieves what it aims to do: entertain its audience with its sexy dances and its toe-tapping songs. The songs suit the movie perfectly as the whole soundtrack is simply great for Christina Aguliera fans but for Cher fans, you’ll only hear her sing twice. The story isn’t really good as it has been done before in a lot of movies and the structure lacks a middle to the beginning and the end of the story. Overall, Burlesque is something unexpected and something that should be noticed for its strengths: Singing and dancing.

Christina Aguliera and Cher both do a great job in Burlesque and the movie itself is actually better than expected. Don’t get me wrong, it is cheesy, quite cliché and the plot isn’t really there but you can easily forget it’s faults and enjoy it for its performances. I was very pleasantly surprised by Burlesque as I found it to be quite entertaining, even if it is pretty much mediocre. Musical fans will love this as well as Christina and Cher fans. If you are expecting a great storyline then you will be disappointed. However, if you’re bored or depressed and you want a couple of hours to kill, then I suggest Burlesque but it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea.



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