The Final Sacrifice

91c9PsDWd L__AA1500_Director: Ari Taub
Writer: Caio Ribiero
Producers: Curtis Mattikow/Dardo Toledo Barros/Lisa Black
Starring: Daniel Asher/C.J Barkus/Gianluca Bianco/Davidé Borella/Hans-Dieter Brückner/Achim Buchner
Year: 2011
Country: USA
BBFC Certification: 12
Duration: 88 minutes

Have you ever had the feeling of déjà vu when watching a movie? Maybe you’ve seen a familiar scene from a movie before or you’ve seen an actor or actress say the same line in another film. Now, have you ever seen a movie that has been re-released in it’s original state (with a few scenes cut) but re-named? I have and it’s called The Final Sacrifice. The Final Sacrifice is supposed to be a new movie released in 2011 when in fact, it has been released before in 2004 under the name of The Fallen. With some research, I found out all of the cast and crew are exactly the same and nothing in The Final Sacrifice has been changed, except for a few scenes which were cut to make the movie ninety minutes long and to very slightly change the story by excluding a storyline that was in The Fallen. I have seen The Fallen but I decided to carry on watching The Final Sacrifice just in case there were any changes: there weren’t any except for the obvious cut scenes which was an entire storyline involving the American troops. . This movie is just seriously bad on quite a few levels. It’s understandable that this movie was run on little budget but there’s no excuses for the actors being as terrible as they were. There were a few scenes when the acting was unforgettable for all of the wrong reasons. The Final Sacrifice had a terrible script, bad acting and a non-existant plot. It has characters with hardly any character development and you just couldn’t care about any of them at all, no matter how much you tried or wanted to.

The dialogue in most of the scenes wasn’t very good and was tedious, it didn’t really grip you at all. The worst thing about The Final Sacrifice is not only the dragging story but the fact that it’s named as a companion piece to The Fallen. Unless you call ‘re-releasing and renaming a movie that has already been released seven years ago with a few missing scenes’ a companion piece, then it has hit the nail on the head. Everything about this movie is just terrible and it plods along very slowly with a couple of decent scenes. If you have seen The Fallen or if you own it on DVD, then I would skip this one as you will be sorely disappointed. Fans of war movies may enjoy this but even then, there would be a big chance you wouldn’t like it. In the end, The Final Sacrifice has a couple of okay moments but the rest of the movie is pointless, tedious and overall abysmal.

This movie is something that everybody should avoid at all costs. The filming was made to look grainy, which is okay, but when it gets past the point that you’re actually convinced you’re watching it on VHS instead of on a DVD, then you know there’s a problem. Not only that but the sound is also bad and the sound effects are pretty much a joke and unrealistic. A guy got punched in the stomach and it sounded like they took a sound effect from the videogame, Street Fighter IV. I like war movies but this has to be the worst one I have seen with no exaggeration. On the cover of The Fallen (same movie), somebody had said “Saving Private Ryan but better”. Did somebody actually say that with a straight face? Saving Private Ryan is miles better than this! It makes me question whether the person who said this has actually seen Saving Private Ryan. Avoid!



2 responses to “The Final Sacrifice

  1. kim scratchley September 1, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    Agree totally – I got The Fallen ages ago and decided it was junk and gave it to a Charity Shop. What happens ? I fall for it again because it’s been re-packaged and retitled as The Final Sacrifice – it’s still crap !!!!!

  2. Doug Mills January 17, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    Got conned! Bought both at the same time not realising they were the same film. Watched The Fallen (thought it was very poor) then a few weeks later started to watch The Final Scarifice, I though I had put the wrong DVD in the player.

    After checking on line I see some scrote has rereleased the same carp under a different name!!! Guess what, it’s still crap. AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS…

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