Big Momma’s House

big-mommas-house-movie-poster2 Director: Raja Gosnell
Writer: Darryl Quarles/Don Rhymer
Producers: David T. Friendly/Michael Green
Starring: Martin Lawrence/Nia Long/Terrance Dashon/Paul Giamatti/Ella Mitchell
Year: 2000
Country: USA/Germany
BBFC Certification: 12
Duration: 98 minutes

Because of the release of the newest installment to the Big Momma series, Big Momma’s Like Father, Like Son, I will be reviewing all of the Big Momma movies, starting with the first of the series, Big Momma’s House. The movie is about an FBI agent who disguises himself as an old lady to protect a beautiful federal witness and her son. Big Momma’s House isn’t a laugh-out-loud comedy but it is funny in quite a few places. Nia Long, Terrance Dashon and Paul Giamatti were all decent as their characters and Ella Mitchell plays the real Big Momma rather well. The thing that makes Big Momma’s House work is Martin Lawrence’s performance when his character, Malcolm, dons the fat suit and becomes Big Momma. He makes the movie work and it could have been highly unlikely that the movie would have worked with someone else. The writing of Big Momma’s House is decent; the script isn’t too bad and the story is pretty average and predictable. Although we’re not supposed to take this movie seriously, there were a couple of unimportant things that made you wonder about the story. The main one being that the neighbours who have all known Big Momma for years can’t tell the difference between the real Big Momma and Martin Lawrence in a fat suit and they both don’t look alike. However, this is unimportant and it doesn’t spoil the movie. The humour is pretty good but it won’t have you rolling off your chair in hysterics. Everything about the movie is pretty predictable but it’s enjoyable and entertaining nonetheless.

Although Big Momma’s House is a good comedy movie, there are much better comedies out there with more laughs and a not-so predictable storyline. Big Momma’s House may not be original but it does have a certain charm to it for those with an easy-going sense of humour. Even if you knew what was coming from start to finish, the movie had a few laughs so it’s worth it to watch for fun with your friends or family. Overall, Big Momma’s House is a decent comedy which isn’t short of laughs but don’t expect anything hilarious.

Martin Lawrence is a funny man and he is a good actor, even if he does play as himself in a lot of roles. His performance in Big Momma’s House is average but I don’t think Big Momma’s House is one that should have had a sequel, let alone be made into a trilogy. It’s a decent movie which is sure to entertain but as soon as the idea of sequels were thought of, you knew they were doomed from the start. Big Momma’s House is quite a funny but overly cliché movie which requires you to switch your brain off to watch.



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