Jackass 3D

jackass-3d-movie-poster Director: Jeff Tremaine
Writer: Jeff Tremaine/Spike Jonze/Johnny Knoxville/Bam Margera/Chris Pontius/Steve-O, Ryan Dunn, Dave England/Jason “Wee Man” Acuria/Preston Lacy/Ehren McGhehey
Produced by and Starring: Johnny Knoxville/Bam Margera/Chris Pontius/Steve-O/Preston Lacy/Danger Ehren/Ryan Dunn/Dave England/Wee Man
Year: 2010
Country: USA
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 94 minutes

Jackass 3D contains yet more dangerous pranks and stunts that should never be tried at home as Johnny Knoxville and the gang are back on our screens to mark the 10th anniversary of their series, this time in glorious 3D. However, I have seen this in 2D so this will be a review about the 2D version and the review will be short because it’s hard not to spoil it. If you are a fan of the Jackass shows and movies then you’ll know what to expect but it’d be twice as much. The stunts are much more dangerous and the pranks are hilarious “But where are the gross-out moments?” I hear you ask, well don’t panic as there are plenty of crude and disgusting moments in the movie. It just shows that Johnny Knoxville and the gang still haven’t lost their touch after all these years.

It’s crude, it’s disgusting, it’s gross and it’ll make you feel a little bit sick at times but overall, it’s really funny. If you’re not a fan of Jackass and Dirty Sanchez, then this one isn’t for you. However, if you love gross-out humour, hilarious pranks and very dangerous stunts that are pretty stupid and reckless, see this straight away.



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