tangled_poster_c-535x792 Director: Nathan Greno/Byron Howard
Writer: Dan Fogelman
Based on the story by: Brothers Grimm
Producer: Roy Conli/John Lasseter/Glen Keane
Starring: Mandy Moore/Zachary Levi/Donna Murphy
Year: 2011
Country: US
BBFC Certification: PG
Duration: 100 minutes

Disney really do know how to pack a punch when it comes to animations as Tangled has everything for the audience. It has romance, action, songs and even a dark side. Tangled’s story is quite brilliant as we see the fairytale Rapunzel being Disney-fied into what is clearly one of their best movies that they have done as it strongly reminds you of the 90s 2D Disney movies and how they used to be. The only problem with the story is that the ending felt a little bit rushed but fortunately, this doesn’t spoil the enjoyment of the movie. The characters in Tangled are loveable and each one of them are beautifully animated and brilliantly written. Rapunzel and Flynn were both great and Mother Gothel made a brilliant villainess and should be remembered as one of the most evil and manipulative villains in Disney history. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi were great as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider and really made their characters come to life. Donna Murphy, who plays evil villainess Mother Gothel, was also brilliant and really brought out the evil, manipulative side to her character very well.

Unfortunately, the only bone that could really be picked with Tangled is the songs. Now the songs really do suit the movie and they are really good in the moment but they’re no ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘A Whole New World’ or ‘Part of your World’. Although, ‘I See The Light’ reminds you yet again of the 90s Disney love songs you heard in the quality Disney movies. Overall, Tangled is definitely, without a doubt, one of the best Disney movies ever and definitely deserves its place amongst the top ten best Disney movies ever. Everything from the animation to the characters was magical and it will keep kids as well as adults entertained.

Watching Tangled was simply brilliant as we got to see Disney the way it used to be with classic storytelling. The recent thing to do with telling fairytales is to modernise them and use pop references as its humour, the biggest example I could use for this is Shrek and, even though it does work, Tangled works better with its charm and without endless pop references. It doesn’t use pop references but it does use pure old Disney humour and it’s brilliant. No doubt children and adults will fall in love with Tangled. If you like animations, you’ll like this. If you like the classic Disney movies such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid then you will definitely love this addition.



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