1996-scream-poster1 Director: Wes Craven
Writer: Kevin Williamson
Producers: Cathy Konrad/Cary Woods
Starring: Neve Campbell/David Arquette/Courtney Cox/Matthew Lilliard/Skeet Ulrich/Drew Barrymore/Rose McGowan/Jamie Kennedy
Year: 1996
Country: USA
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 111 minutes

To celebrate the release of Scre4m, I will be reviewing the trilogy every day in the lead-up to Scre4m released this Friday. To call the Scream trilogy (or should we say quadrilogy now) one of the greatest and most well-known horror-thriller teen slasher movie series is a little bit of an understatement. Scream brings along a form of terror that everybody can relate to as it feels realistic and terrifying and yet manages to pay homage to all of the classic horror movies and, in a way, make fun of them. A killer known as “Ghostface” begins killing off teenagers, and as the body count begins rising, one girl and her friends find themselves contemplating the ‘rules’ of horror films as they find themselves living in a real-life one. The story for Scream is simply brilliant and clever not only because of it’s witty dialogue, it’s clever writing, it’s irony of the characters’ lives living through a horror movie or it’s homage to other teen horror movies but because even though it’s predictable, it’s also original. There are certain parts to Scream that is quite predictable but that would be where the smartness of Wes Craven comes in. As we all know, after watching so many horror movies, you know what would happen next and there, right in front of us, we see the characters more or less saying the same thing we’re thinking about what will happen next. The beautiful thing about Scream is that the plot is just so simple and doesn’t attempt to complicate matters with unnecessary subplots and character stories. It just tells you the most important parts and doesn’t bother much with the characters who are unimportant.

Scream has a great line of characters who fall under the stereotypical characters you see in horror movies as well as being a little different. Again, this is the beauty of Scream as it is a simple homage to horror movies out there, and quite possibly a spoof in some respects, as well as being a proper horror movie all rolled into one. The characters in Scream are not your typical Scream queens who go running out the door, they actually try to fight the killer which is entertaining and is a great change from the usual horror story where the hero runs away and then has a massive fight with the villain at the end of the movie. Drew Barrymore’s character at the start is possibly one of the best scenes in a horror movie I have seen. The entire cast play their characters brilliantly. Neve Campbell gives out a very memorable performance as the main heroine Sidney Prescott and Courtney Cox and David Arquette perform great as their characters. Although the movie isn’t really too serious to begin with, Jamie Kennedy, who plays movie-geek Randy Meeks, acts as a comic relief in the movie which is welcoming and also funny in some areas. You have to hand it to Wes Craven, he really knows how to direct a suspenseful horror movie when he wants to. Next to A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream has to be one of his most recognised and most successful movies to date, with the fans still growing. He manages to balance the suspense, scariness and the seriousness of the movie with the light-hearted, fun side almost perfectly. Overall, Scream is an iconic 90s horror movie that won’t be forgotten for a long time and will surely be seen and adored by many in the future to come.

The most marvellous thing about Scream is that it has the best of both worlds; while it does pack a few scares in the movie, there are also a couple of funny moments and there are a few references and jokes that are intended to pay respect towards horror flicks. As far as the casting is concerned, it’s perfection as each of the actors and actresses were believable as their characters and were perfect in portraying them. Neve Campbell is brilliant as the main Scream queen and Sidney Prescott is one of the most memorable heroines in horror movie history. From the nail-biting start with Drew Barrymore to it’s gruesome finish, Scream is definitely a horror movie that one can never tire from watching.



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