TT3D: Closer to the Edge

l_1698010_d9639130 Director: Richard de Aragues
Producers: Steve Christian/Marc Samuelson
Starring: Guy Martin/Ian Hutchinson
Year: 2011
Country: UK
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 103 minutes

There’s many things you would expect from a 3D movie about motorbikes. You would expect non-stop thrills, fast-paced scenes full of suspense that could very easily take your breath away and brilliantly-shot 3D footage that draws you in and brings you closer to the experiences through the point of view of these daring bikers. TT3D: Closer to the Edge manages to do this very successfully and also manages to be funny and emotional at the same time as we follow the obsessions and dreams of bikers who want to place first in this dangerous sport. The first thing that must be said about TT3D: Closer to the Edge is how fantastic the 3D is, this must be one of the best uses of 3D in the movie since James Cameron’s Avatar. It wasn’t used in such a cliché way such as things flying towards the screen but was used as if you were actually at the Isle of Man or actually racing on the track.

TT3D: Closer to the Edge has a lot of brilliant scenes and the 3D really does add to it. However, it’s not only the ultra-fast 200mph motorbike races that reels you in but the brilliant personalities of the bikers in the movie. Before the 2010 TT race, we are introduced to a few hopefuls who want to win the TT including Ian Hutchinson and John McGuinness but the film mainly focuses on Guy Martin, a quirky and (maybe a little too) honest man whose sideburns could put Wolverine’s to shame. You can really feel the emotions and how they feel when doing the TT track. TT3D: Closer to the Edge manages to tell you what it is like through the eyes of a TT biker and also manages not to alienate those who are not into motorbikes.

The movie doesn’t shy away from telling you the dangers of the TT and shows you the toughest turns, the highest speeds as well as the horrific crashes and also explains to you why the participants of the TT take this huge risk that could see them lose their life to the TT. Everything about the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and you care a lot about the characters and really feel for them as they tell their stories about their experiences with taking part in the TT. Overall, TT3D: Closer to the Edge tells you the magnificent story of the same dream the TT participants share and the emotional stories of how some of the riders have lost their lives. This is a movie I advise you to see in 3D as the 3D is spectacularly done and really adds a lot to the movie. TT3D: Closer to the Edge is enjoyable even if you’re not interested in motorbikes. This is a movie I advise everybody to see.



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