insidious Director: James Wan
Writer: Leigh Whannell
Producers: Jason Blum/Jeanette Brill/Oren Peli/Steven Schneider/Aaron Sims
Starring: Patrick Wilson/Rose Bryne/Barbara Hershey/Lin Shaye/Andrew Astor/Leigh Whannell
Year: 2011
Country: USA
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 100 minutes

Horror movies today aren’t really very scary and use blood, guts and brutal, bloody deaths to scare the audience, leaving little or no care or attention to the story or the characters at all. Enter Insidious, a movie that doesn’t use any blood or gore but uses suspenseful scenes and chilling moments. Insidious starts off great and manages to keep the balance of horror, suspense and drama very well but it’s a shame that the ending didn’t match up to the quality of the whole movie. The story is your usual haunted-house, haunted-child story but this had a very nice twist using something a little different that has not been seen in recent horror movies. The acting is very believable as we see a family struggle to cope with these spirits that go bump in the day as well as the night. Insidious has a good set of characters who may not have much personality outside the labels such as “The Psychic”, “The Creepy Kid” and “The Ghostbusters Wannabes” but you cared about each of them, you wanted them to succeed and you didn’t want anything to happen to them.

The best thing about Insidious is that there is hardly any blood used. There’s no flying limbs or guts spilling everywhere but uses genuinely creepy characters and works on fears, especially for those who do believe in spirits. The designs for the spirits were very well done as they succeed in being creepy and scary, especially The Smiling Family, who are the very things nightmares are made of and could possibly feature in some of yours too. Insidious has a good script that manages to avoid falling into the usual clichés that recent horrors can fall into. Insidious’  story was well written and well thought of but the only major problem with it is that the ending spoils the movie a little. Throughout the movie, we are given great scares, good writing, a great cast with characters you care about with a couple of surprisingly unpredictable scares. Unfortunately, the ending was just really predictable, a tad cheesy and one of those ‘twists’ to the story you hoped wouldn’t happen in such a great scary movie. Overall, Insidious is a great ghost story that is easily up there with movies such as Poltergeist and Paranormal Activity.

Insidious is a lot better than anybody could have imagined. It beats most recent horror movies and movies in the same sub-genre such as Paranormal Activity. Genuinely a great movie and a good scare but the ending was verging on ruining everything. Insidious is quite scary and does have some great moments that raises the bar a little for recent paranormal movies such as Paranormal Activity and watching it in the dark really can make it that much more creepier. This is recommended if you like horror movies, ghost stories and things that can make you jump a mile in the dark.



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