Chain Letter

chain-letter-poster Director: Deon Taylor
Writer: Diana Erwin/Michael J. Pagin/Deon Taylor
Producers: Roxanne Avent/Nesim Hason/Todd Slater
Starring: Nikki Reed/Keith David/Brad Dourif/Noah Segan/Betsy Russell/Matt Cohen
Year: 2011
Country: USA
BBFC Certification: 18
Duration: 96 minutes

Chain letters- We’ve all had them at some point at some time. You know, those annoying e-mails where they tell you some stupid story such as a girl falling over and breaking her nail and because of that, she kills people unless they forward the story to 20 friends. We’ve all had them, we’ve all deleted them. Well, Chain Letter is about those pesky chain letters but this time, the ‘myth’ does come true and they’ll die by the hands of a killer using, wait for it, CHAINS! The idea of the story is admittedly more inventive than a few horror movies out there today and is surprisingly a little fresh and a bit different, although it’s not really memorable at all and quite boring. What’s worse, the story, although it’s inventive, becomes ridiculous within twenty to thirty minutes. It was good right up until they started researching the killings and piecing the puzzle together, that was when it got ridiculous and overall, pretty dumb. Basically, Chain Letter is telling us that police don’t research anything about the killings or what’s going on but instead, a teenage girl does and gets a lot of answers via using the Internet? As far as the characters are concerned, there aren’t any in the movie that are remotely interesting.  None of them stood out and all of the characters didn’t have any personality and you simply didn’t care about them at all. There wasn’t really a main character in the movie even though it focuses a little more on one of the characters than any of the others.

If you thought the characters were bad, the script is worse. Some parts of it are full of clichés, not to mention some funny moments when the script turns so bad, you cringe but there were a couple of decent moments. The way the teenagers behaved in the movie and the things they were saying seemed very fake and, overall, quite unrealistic to how teenagers behave today. Chain Letter’s acting was verging on very bad with the exception of a couple of actors, one of them being Brad Dourif, who plays the part of creepy teacher who detests technology and the way it rules communication. The casting wasn’t a good idea considering that the teenagers are meant to be around the age of 18 and instead look over 21 and was hard to believe they were their character’s age. Overall, Chain Letter did have the potential to be something different and had the potential to be a horror movie that acted like a spooky urban legend but fails because of plot holes, one-dimensional characters and a half-decent story with no ending.

Chain Letter is a bad horror movie but it has a couple of gory killings that I’m sure would please those who love their horror movies to have loads of blood. Using chains as the murder weapon and using chain letters as an excuse to kill is a funny and cool yet scary idea but unfortunately, the writers did not think too much about the story but thought more of the lead-up to the death scenes and the death scenes themselves. The worst thing about Chain Letter is the ending; there isn’t one. This sounds very weird but there is actually no recognisable ending to this movie, it literally feels like the story isn’t completed and it doesn’t leave the movie in such a way to suggest a sequel (which I hope never happens), it just ends like you were half-way through the story, even if the ending is the same scene you saw at the beginning. I would suggest skipping the movie and watching another horror movie as this one is a complete mess and a waste of your valuable time. This isn’t even so bad, it’s entertaining. It’s just bad.



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