tekken Director: Dwight H. Little
Writer: Alan B. McElroy
Producers: Steven Paul/Benedict Carver/Iddo Lampton Enochs
Starring: Jon Foo/Kelly Overton/Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa/Ian Anthony Dale/Luke Goss/Tamlyn Tomita
Year: 2011
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 92 minutes

Tekken is a very popular beat-em-up video game series and has millions of fans worldwide and now, Tekken has been made into a movie that is supposedly based on the video game. However, 90% of the movie was just utter rubbish. The creators of the movie have followed the games as far as Jin’s past is concerned but everything else is a mess. So Tekken is a revenge story about Jin who enters the Iron Fist tournament to avenge his mother, Jun Kazama, after witnessing her murder to which Heihaichi Mishima is responsible for, or so he thinks. Tekken’s story alone is just plain and mediocre, there wasn’t anything in the story that stood out and there wasn’t anything important or something that made you think, it was just a mess. Tekken will disappoint some gamers as they wouldn’t like the changes and the tweaks made in the movie such as the characters and the story, which could possibly ruin the movie for fans of the video game. You see Jin and Christie becoming lovers and most of the characters having different fighting styles. There’s also a few changes as far as nationalities are concerned as Jin is supposed to be Japanese in the games but in the movie, he’s American with an English accent. That and the fact that most of them look nothing like their characters in the games, with the exception of Christie Montiero. If it wasn’t for the constant reminder that the Tekken corporation was in the movie, this could have been named something else and nobody would have known the difference.

The next offender for Tekken is the acting. Most of the actors could have been replaced by cardboard cut-outs of themselves and we would have gotten more emotion from them.  Jon Foo wears the same expression as Jin almost throughout the entire movie, there weren’t any scenes that he was in where it felt believable and genuine. The same goes for Ian Anthony Dale, who plays Kazuya, and Darrin Dewitt Henson, who plays Raven, they also wear one expression throughout the movie and it hardly changes. However, through all the abysmal acting comes Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who plays Heihaichi quite well. Next on the list is the god-awful dialogue! There’s one scene (which is shown in the trailer) where a fighter shouts “This is Iron Fist!”…need I say more? I was half-expecting Jin to shout back “Iron Fist? THIS. IS. SPARTA!” and boot him off the stage, at least that could have given the movie a little bit of life. Tekken also uses some very cliché moments such as in almost every single fight, just when you ‘think’ Jin is defeated, you get a flashback of him training with his mother and his mother giving him a quote on how to treat the situation and then he beats them. They became annoying every time a fight broke out between Jin and one of the fighters.

So the acting is diabolical, the dialogue is rubbish, the story is plain and has been done a million times before and much better and the characters are bland with no emotions, this must mean that Tekken has no good points, right? Well, there is one good thing the audience can take from Tekken, and this is the only positive thing about the movie and the thing that saves the movie from getting a 0/10, and that is the fight sequences. A couple of the fights in Tekken are worth watching as there are some brilliantly executed moves and some great choreography shown. The downfall to the fight scenes were the cliché parts, which I’ve described in the last paragraph, and the fight scenes become tedious over time. In the end, Tekken could have been a hundred times better if it followed the videogames since it was unnecessary to change a lot of it. The movie itself is ninety minutes long and all it has to show for it is the great fighting scenes but comes at a price with an uninteresting story, horrible dialogue, miscast actors and wooden performances from most of them. If you don’t care about anything but the fighting then I suggest saving your money to rent or buy this movie and try to find the fight scenes on YouTube. However, if you want more than fighting, watch something else. Fans may be disappointed so if they want to watch a movie about the Tekken games, either watch Tekken: The Motion Picture, a Japanese animation released in 1997 based on the games or wait for Tekken: Blood Vengeance, a 3D animated movie that will be released in Summer 2011 and promises to be loyal to the games. Just avoid this!



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