Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town

TwiForks_DVD_Vis2D Director: Jason Brown
Producers: York Baur/Jason Brown/Peter Cowles
Starring: Kaleb Nation/Laura Byrne-Cristiano/Lori Joffs/Tori Randall
Year: 2010
Country: US
BBFC Certification: U
Duration: 77 minutes

The Twilight book series has taken the world by storm as literally millions of fans are hypnotised of the story of Bella Swan, a human teenage girl who falls in love with Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Jacob Black, a werewolf in the little town of Forks, Washington. The books had gotten so popular, Hollywood noticed and made them into movies, to which are also extremely popular. This documentary, as the title suggests, is supposed to show us and tell us about the real town of Forks and about the history of the town and it’s legends but unfortunately, the documentary did not deliver this. Instead, we were given a documentary that focuses mostly on Twilight fans (who call themselves Twilighters) and how passionate they are about the books and the movies, the behaviour of the fans in Forks and how the residents of Forks have caught on to the Twilight phenomenon. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it has nothing to do with the town of Forks and so the title of the documentary is quite misleading. At the start of the movie, we see the people who live in Forks tell us how Twilight has changed their little town and how it has affected their lives. They also talk about how the town have adapted to the world of Twilight for the fans and for their businesses, how they went from a small, quiet town to a tourist spot, how the fans behave around the town as well as the residents and how they’ve made the town Twilight-oriented by saying that the characters live in the houses and work in different places. The thing that goes in favour for this documentary is the nice locations and the beautiful views of Forks and La Push as well as a good insight just to how passionate the fans of Twilight are about the books and the movies.

There’s a couple of things that didn’t feel right in Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town. One being that the movie doesn’t exactly get involved with the real town but tells you more about Twilighters. The only time the movie got to the part actually telling you about the town was when there was only ten minutes left where they told you about the history of Forks and La Push, which is what this movie should have really been about. If you want to know about what Twilighters do and how the residents of Forks entertains them, then this documentary tells you but if you want to know the actual history of Forks and La Push or want to see the sights, just look on Google, read articles and look at pictures because there’s only ten minutes of footage telling you about it. Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town would make a Twilighter very happy to have this in their Twi-collection. However, if you genuinely wanted to know about the real Forks and it’s history and not the Forks you know from the Twilight movies or books, if you wanted to know the Forks from outside of Twilight or if you wanted to know what inspired Stephenie Meyer to pick that small, quiet town, you’ll be disappointed.

The most disappointing experience of watching this documentary was that you could see exactly what should have been done and that you could have easily changed the order of the sections to make it more about the town as you’re left with unanswered questions. There were only two or three people who didn’t buy into Twilight and actually told us a little about the town but they didn’t get much screen time. Instead of leaving the history of Forks and La Push last, they should have used it first and made that the main focus of the movie, considering that’s what the title promises: ‘The Saga of the REAL Town’. Alas, what we get instead is a documentary that’s 95% about the fans and not about the actual town itself. The documentary shouldn’t have made it entirely about the fans and made it about the real town, as the title says. It would have been a lot better if the documentary delivered what the title promises because, as far as this documentary is concerned, the town isn’t really real and actually really does live in a fantasy world, which isn’t really such a bad thing but it hasn’t told us anything new. The only actual real parts of this documentary were pushed in the last ten minutes, which was the information you really wanted to know about the history of the town. The people started telling you about the logging businesses and how many of them were failing because of the economy and about the real Quileutes and it left you with questions that weren’t answered because it was pushed to the end to make way for a documentary about Twilighters. You wanted to know more about the actual town and not the Twilight town. It felt you were hearing a point of view through the eyes of the residents in the Twilight Forks more than from the residents in the actual Forks. This documentary basically tells fans of Twilight what they already know and doesn’t really reveal anything new but it was nice to see the gorgeous views and sights.



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