Kung Fu Panda

kung_fu_panda_movie_poster Director: John Wayne Stevenson/Mark Osbourne
Writer: Jonathon Aibel/Glenn Berger
Producers: Melissa Cobb
Starring: Jack Black/Dustin Hoffman/Angelina Jolie/Ian McShane/Jackie Chan/Seth Rogen/Lucy Liu/David Cross
Year: 2008
Country: US
BBFC Certification: PG
Duration: 90 minutes

After so many hit and miss animations such as Shrek, Shark Tale, Madagascar and Over the Hedge, Dreamworks have finally created a movie that’s quite possibly one of the best and most charming animations to have ever been made and easily beats all of the above. With superb animation, a great story and charming characters, Kung Fu Panda hits our screens with an almighty punch! The story is simple yet brilliant and really sends the right messages to children and also makes it very enjoyable for adults. If you’re expecting the type of humour only kids will laugh at to be in Kung Fu Panda then don’t because the humour is cleverly done and is something that both children and adults can laugh at. There is a few moments of slapstick humour and a few moments where the funny parts of the dialogue are delivered with great timing. Providing the voice for Kung Fu Panda’s main character Po is Jack Black, who proves to be the right choice for the character as he really adds the charm and the humour to the main character. Angelina Jolie, David Cross, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen and Lucy Liu star alongside him as the Famous Five and all do a good job. Another fantastic addition is Ian McShane, who voices the villain, Tao Lung but it’s unfortunate that they are quite underused in this movie. Nevertheless, all of the cast who are in the movie have done a brilliant job with their characters, providing them with different sides to their personality, some humorous and some on a more serious note.

Not only does Kung Fu Panda have loveable characters and a well-written story that balances the themes for both children and adults brilliantly but it also has some stunning animation. Dreamworks usually do some good animations, which is evident through watching Shrek and Over the Hedge but Kung Fu Panda surpasses them all and it shows with the design of the characters, the backgrounds and the colours and the action scenes in the movie show how well done Kung Fu Panda is. Even more so, it’s not only an animation for all ages to enjoy but it also pays respects to the martial arts movies, new and old, and the way they do it is fresh for the new generation yet recognisable for the old. From the beautifully animated beginning through to the end, Kung Fu Panda reigns supreme and is definitely one of the best animations to have ever been made by Dreamworks.

Everything about Kung Fu Panda is brilliant and is written fantastically, there’s not much at fault here. However, if there is one thing at fault, that is that the majority of the cast is underused. We have the talents of Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Jackie Chan, David Cross and Lucy Liu and they weren’t really used that well in the movie. Out of the five listed above, Angelina Jolie was the most used with the rest only having a few lines in the movie. However, this isn’t really a negative thing considering that you didn’t really miss their characters when they weren’t on-screen and that the story’s main focus was on Po. Overall, Kung Fu Panda will touch the hearts of the audience as well as charm them and make them laugh with it’s simple yet deep story and it’s loveable characters. This is one of the best animated movies from Dreamworks and this is one of the best animated movies ever. If you love animated movies, then you will love this. Skadoosh!



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