Shark Night

Image-Poster Director: David R. Ellis
Writer: Will Hayes/Jesse Studenburg
Producers: Chris Briggs/Mike Fleiss/Lynette Howell
Starring: Sara Paxton/Dustin Milligan/Chris Carmack/Katharine McPhee/Donal Logue/Joshua Leonard/Joel David Moore
Year: 2011
Country: US
BBFC Certification: 15
Duration: 91 minutes

Have you ever seen a trailer and instantly knew about the movie in seconds and what it would be like? Well, Shark Night is one of those movies and it’s not looking good. If you were thinking that it’d be a dark horror comedy with a B-movie feel to it like Snakes on a Plane, you’d be wrong. If you were thinking that it could be like the surprisingly entertaining Pirahna, you’d be wrong. If you were thinking that it would be crap, bingo, we have a winner. Shark Night is utter trash and not in the “I expect it to be utter trash anyway but it’s just a bit of fun” way but in a “Wow, this bores me to tears” way. The first twenty minutes wasn’t too bad but then it started going downhill to the point where you were almost convinced it was made for people who have trouble sleeping. The acting was just poor. At first, you think that it’s supposed to be bad because it’s supposed to have that low-budget B movie feel to it but the movie really took itself seriously and so did the actors. The characters were very stereotypical and one dimensional to the point where you rolled your eyes and wished the movie never existed.

Shark Night
felt like nothing more than a cheap excuse to make a 3D movie and it’s quite a travesty how there wasn’t really much thought put into this movie. It just felt lazy and wasn’t fun at all, just dumb. Considering this is from the very same person who directed Snakes on a Plane, you would have thought that it would have been, at least, a little fun. Instead, what we get is a shallow, soulless, heartless movie that manages to only grab one emotion from the audience: Surprise and that’s because it’s a massive surprise how this qualifies for a movie and how this is even released in the cinema. It strongly reminds you of those movies you get from Poundland or one of those low-budget movies that you see aired on SyFy only it’s just not fun at all. Overall, if you’re a horror fan, you’ll be disappointed. This movie is so many things and none of them are remotely positive.

Terrible from start to finish, Shark Night is emotionless and has virtually no plot or storyline whatsoever and whatever little plot it has is both strange and confusing at the same time. The story is just utterly ridiculous and the characters are just as bad, riddled with plot holes, cliches and stereotypical scenes, Shark Night proves to be even worse than the previously reviewed Final Destination 5. To audiences everywhere, do not pay your hard-earned money to watch this tripe, you’re worth more than to put yourself through this heap of junk.



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