Paranormal Activity 3

paranormal-activity-3-movie-poster So with Halloween coming up and with it being the first time in seven years that another SAW movie isn’t seen anywhere near a cinema, something had to fill SAW’s place and that movie was none other than Paranormal Activity 3. I don’t have anything against Paranormal Activity, I thought the first movie was good and had some well thought out scenes that scared the audience. Paranormal Activity 2, however, took it overboard and lost that sense of scariness that the first one possessed. Paranormal Activity 3 isn’t as bad as the second but it’s bad enough not to impress as literally nothing happens for a good hour. The movie goes back to the very start where we see Katie encounter the spirit that haunted her in the first movie for the first time when she was a child. For those who are after a jumpfest or a scarefest, look elsewhere because this is just a borefest for the best part. The movie is just over an hour and fifteen minutes long and, although there are a couple of jumpy moments, the movie kicks off way too late, leaving you with an hour of nothingness. The spirit, namely ‘Toby’, is not a very good spirit at all since he does nothing remotely scary like he did in the first. He does a couple of odd knocks and a couple of bumps in the night and then out of nowhere, he starts to throw furniture everywhere and goes berserk, which is great in my book since that is what we’ve come to see, only it happens fifteen or twenty minutes before the movie ends, leaving a whole hour of nothing but whingeing and a couple of the characters going “Woah, did you see that?” each day when reviewing the tapes.

Now that the bad and the ugly are out of the way, surely there must be some good to come out of this movie, right? Well, yeah, there’s no denying that Paranormal Activity 3 did have the creep factor, even if it was introduced way too late and sure, it made you jump a couple of times but it’s just not enough to spend your good, hard-earned money on. The acting was pretty realistic and the child actors were good playing their parts. The characters aren’t exactly the best characters around but they’re realistic enough. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t suck you in but it did entertain for all of the wrong reasons considering it was more funny than scary. The audience I saw it with felt the same way I did as they laughed too. Overall, Paranormal Activity 3 isn’t the weakest in the franchise, which goes to the second movie, but it is certainly pretty boring.

By rights, Paranormal Activity 3 shouldn’t really exist. It’s just totally sucked the mystery out of the whole spirit thing and the explanation as to how and why Toby haunts Katie is pretty weak. It had potential at the start when we saw the family take the photo that we see in the first two movies but the questions that were raised when watching the first two movies were not answered in this one. I’d have rather lived in bliss and thought of my own conclusion rather than have seen this movie because this prequel has spoiled the story a little bit. Although there are some good points about the movie, it’s still mundane and there’s just little to no surprise in it. If, like me, you saw the second trailer where she throws water over the ghost and you see the mom get pushed backwards, don’t expect them to be shown in this movie because 75% of that trailer was nowhere to be seen in this movie. All I know is that if there is plans for a Paranormal Activity 4, said plans should be shot down and should be set on fire. This reviewer will not be paying to see the fourth one any time soon.



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