abduction-poster-4e6155be8cf2b There are some action movies out there that are instantly memorable for a lot of things, whether it is for its thrilling action sequences, its great storyline, its solid acting or whether it was just fun to watch. Abduction is a very memorable action movie…but for all of the wrong reasons. Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black from The Twilight Saga) leads the movie into what could only be described as a tedious, confusing story with bland, one-dimensional characters and action scenes that are pretty entertaining but laughable most of the time, especially some of the moves used in the fight scenes. The cast in Abduction wasn’t too bad but they were nowhere near good. Sigourney Weaver was decent in this movie but she wasn’t in the movie for very long, which is a shame considering she was the best actress of the whole cast.

So we look to Taylor Lautner to carry this movie. He isn’t too bad a bad actor in The Twilight Saga but unfortunately, he was so awful in Abduction, he looked bored and looked like he’d rather be at home. He constantly wore the same expression throughout the movie whether it was sad, happy or angry (funnily enough, the expression he wore throughout the movie is on the poster above). The writing was pretty much atrocious considering there were so many plot holes, boring dialogue and unexplainable moments and the emotional scenes in the movie were just laughably bad, especially the romance scenes. The only good thing to come out of this mess that is called Abduction is that a couple of the action scenes were entertaining but overall, it was pretty much a yawnfest.

Girls and Twilighters would probably see this for Taylor Lautner and yes girls, he does take his shirt off in the movie, but don’t waste your money and see this in the cinema. It’s not worth your money considering this movie wasn’t really well thought out at all. There were quite a few scenes in which characters would get themselves in a mess and miraculously, they would end up escaping the situation even though it would be impossible unless they had superhuman abilities. Overall, Abduction feels like one of those low-budget movies that are always shown on SyFy. There’s nothing wrong with trashy, entertaining movies sometimes but when they dress it up to pretend it’s something it’s not, that’s when the problems begin. This is a movie that’s best to catch on television!



2 responses to “Abduction

  1. binabona February 23, 2012 at 7:37 am

    I would love to know what you think about this year’s Oscar nominees. They don’t seem to be up your alley. Heck, they’re barely up mine. haha Please watch and review Tree of Life if you can stay awake through it. – Bina


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